The following 3 movies illustrate a sample of tools developed while at SCEA using C# and C++ FBX API.
Data mining tool is a C# Application used to create Game of the Week. This application connects to company ftp at a scheduled time to retrieve any new NBA xml data, process the data and uploads this data to several sql database tables according to a specific schema. Then, analyze this data and crawl through the Internet looking for NBA video clips that corresponds to game events and upload a link to these videos with a specific time code reference to NBA events. The designer uses this application to construct an interesting game scenario through a series of built-in queries. He could review the associated video for reference. Once he is satisfied with the game scenario, he request from this application to calculate the segment time and identify the players on the court through an automate substitution algorithm and communicate the results to other application used in formulating the game scenario.
Motionbuilder Facial Rig Plug-in creates a tabulated interface containing blend sliders of motion captured facial expressions to be used in generating new facial animation
Hot Zone Tool is a c# application used to illustrate a basketball player's zone of successful shooting (Hot Zone). This application connects to several mysql database tables analyzing all game events extracting all shooting attempts by the selected player whether successful or not then displays the results. The designer uses this tool to tone game play and player stats.