Cloth Simulation Proposal

Investigate player jersey cloth simulation methods.

  • Converting jersey geometry to cloth object and running cloth sim on it.
  • Create cloth Garment -> panels -> curves and run sim on it.
  • Create soft-bodies and run dynamic sim on it.
  • Create spring setup and run sim on it.
  • Create expressions and evaluate setup.

After all the simulations are completed, solicit opinion on the preferred effect.

Generate a simple statistics on implementation cost for each method in respect of time consumption for each method.

Create a pipeline for running Cloth Sim (CS) on every animation.

The CS pipeline should cover the following:

  • Import fbx anim file onto approved skeleton in Maya.
  • Scale Animation to 10X
  • Go to bind pose and insert a keyframe onto all joints at frame = -140
  • Run CS
  • Bake CS onto approved Cloth Joints System (CJS)
  • Convert CS position from World Coordinate to Hips Joints Local Coordinate
  • Evaluate CS and correct any abnormalities (Human Assisted Process)
  • Scale Animation to 0.1X
  • Trim animation to original start time
  • Export either the whole animation or CS animation only