Sample Plug-ins, Scripts and Analysis
  • Bama,
    Streamlined a C# Application used in building art assets for the game. Added a pre launch GUI to allow artists to select the relevent project section for manipulation and build. Tied this the application with Alienbrain, an asset management system, thus identifying and marking missing assets, out-of-date assets and local assets to help the user to avoid building incorrect game assets. Extended this application with many user-requested features such as improved performance and navigation scheme.
  • Data mining
    A C# Application used to create Game of the Week. This application connects to company ftp at a scheduled time to retrieve any new NBA xml data, process the data and uploads this data to several sql database tables according to a specific schema. Then, analyze this data and crawl through the Internet looking for NBA video clips that corresponds to game events and upload a link to these videos with a specific time code reference to NBA events. The designer uses this application to construct an interesting game scenario through a series of built-in queries. He could review the associated video for reference. Once he is satisfied with the game scenario, he request from this application to calculate the segment time and identify the players on the court through an automate substitution algorithm and communicate the results to other application used in formulating the game scenario.
  • Motionbuilder Facial Rig Plug-in
    It creates tabulated interface containing blend sliders of motion captured facial expressions to be used in generating new facial animation
  • Motionbuilder Camera Plot
    Iterate through all the scene cameras within the cam-switcher and bake their translation, rotation, field of view and aspect ration in preparation for game export.
  • Motionbuilder HTML animation movies generator
    It Iterate through all the raw animation data within the selected folder and render a QT movie of the animation. Then it generates several linked html pages that contain 6 embedded animation movies for future review by team members.
  • Maya Polygon Vertices Color Processing
    A fast Hue, Contrast and Saturation adjustment of selected vertices.
  • Maya Arena Crowd Placement Generator
    An easy to use, fast arena crowd placement generator. An environment artist creates a single quad polygon and orient it with the proper size and elevation then selects an edge and execute this plug-in. It generates the selected number of rows and seats of arena crowd while allowing for further adjustment of several parameters by the artist later. Then by user choice it exports the arena crowd to a game ready PS3 binary data.