Extremely Disciplined, Reliable, Efficient, and Humble

“ It was a great pleasure working with Homoud during the re-launch of City of Heroes Freedom. His tools helped improve the quality of life for 3D artists by automating repetitive tasks and providing GUI-based tools that reduced human error. At all times he was diligent in working directly with artists to ensure his tools were helpful and in soliciting feedback to iron out bugs and prevent data loss. He is extremely disciplined, reliable, efficient, and humble, but not shy. I was always able to count on Homoud to give me the straight scoop on any technical workflow issue and recommended solutions. Homoud brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to any project he works on and any team would be lucky to have him. ” March 10, 2012

Gilbert Martinez , Lead Artist, NCsoft

Impressed with his Diversity of Skills and Drive

“ I had the pleasure of working with Homoud during the development of a brand new ground-up IP at NCSoft and was impressed with his diversity of skills and his drive. Homoud exhibited skills in programming, shaders, character rigging, fx, on and on and I never found myself assigning him new tasks as he invariably had already moved onto the next thing, preferring to get a jump on new challenges. He is extremely easy going, friendly, and has a wealth of experience that brought a great deal more to the table than just technical direction. ” February 21, 2012

Rob Clarke , Art Director, Paragon Studios/NCSoft

Excellent Technical Skills and a Great Mentor

“ Homoud is one of the best tech artists I have worked with. He is a great listener and very detail oriented, always focused on delivering exactly what the art team needed. In addition to his excellent technical skills, Homoud is a pleasure to work with, an outstanding guy, and a great mentor. I highly recommend him and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again ” February 17, 2012

Carolina Tello , Senior Concept Artist, Paragon Studios

Great Asset to ... animators, fx ... and environment team

“ I had only worked with one tech artist before in my career, so when Homoud and I were on the same project I explained everything I was hopeful of getting tools-wise and Homoud was able to create and continually improve the tools I requested. After running through new tools he provided, I made sure to give him feedback, to which he would immediately fix or improve upon and give back to me. Homoud has been a great asset to our current team for the animators, fx artists and environment team. ” March 11, 2012

Colin Brown , Senior Character Animator, Paragon Studios

Earned My Respect and Gratitude

“ Homoud's technical expertise and quality of work has impressed everyone in the company who uses his awesome shader tool and vfx tool on a daily basis. But his talent doesn't end there. He is now creating complex character rigs for a next-gen project and continues to improve the workflow for the artists on that project. Homoud has earned my respect and gratitude because his work has improved our efficiency and his positive attitude makes it so easy to collaborate with him on any projects. It has been a pleasure working with Homoud and I hope to continue to work with him for a long time to come. I cannot say enough good things about him and it is my honor to highly recommend Homoud to any future companies. ” March 11, 2012

Eric Chyn ,Character Artist, Paragon Studios

Positively Impacted our Pipeline

“ Homoud's work at ImageMovers has directly and very positively impacted our pipeline by making things more efficient and more user friendly His practical experience and battle hardened field knowledge give him insight into the digital feature film pipeline that few others have. He was always willing to put in extra hours and work outside of his comfort zone (if he even has one!) to get the job done. There were no lengths he would not go to and no job he would turn down. I hope I am lucky enough to get to work with again in the future! Fully recommended! ” May 18, 2010

John Root , Senior Mocap Lead, ImageMovers Digital

Supports an Extremely Wide Range of Challenges

“ I've been lucky to work with Homoud for the last 2 years on multiple tasks spanning three different projects. Homoud is able to support an extremely wide range of challenges that arrive daily from every art discipline. He is very knowledgeable, and is always enthusiastic and patient while sharing ideas with teammates. Homoud has taught me very much and I look forward to continued/future collaboration. ” May 7, 2012

Ryan Roth , Senior Environment Artist, Paragon Studios

An Invaluable Resource

“Homoud's broad industry background and extensive knowledge of the art tools and processes made him an invaluable resource on our team. We could count on Homoud as the go-to-guy for providing user-friendly solutions to our challenging art-pipeline problems. He also provided additional value to the project late in the development cycle by finding innovative ways to use the existing content pipeline to get critical features in the final product without having to cut them.” December 6, 2008

Jacob Langford , sr. graphics programmer, SCEA

Great Asset to Every Studio

“ Homoud is a great asset to every studios, he has many years of experience in game production as well as extensive knowledge in programming. It's not hard to find a good programmer, but it's very rare to find a good programmer who understands Artist needs. Homoud is a bridge between Artist and Tech, and he is a great mentor as well. Not only he generously shares his knowledge to everyone, he also being very patience, I really enjoy working with Homoud. ” June 8, 2012

Nelson Tam , Senior Animator, Paragon Studios, NC Soft

Always had a creative solution to offer

“ Homoud played a valuable role on our team with his ability to understand the problems facing artists on a day to day basis while at the same time having the technical skills to provide quick solutions to their problems. He provided me with invaluable insight into issues facing the art production staff and always had a creative solution to offer. His knowledge of art production tools, production issues, and programming come together to provide a unique individual that is a strong asset to any game development team. ” December 9, 2008

David Lawson , Sr. Manager Programming, SCEA

Rare individual who can work in multiple disciplines

“ Homoud possesses an extraordinarily deep knowledge of content production pipelines and tools. He is one of the rare individuals who can work in multiple disciplines, coding and content production. His area of expertise is critical to the success of game teams these days. Above all, he's one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. ” December 22, 2008

Stephen Waits , Manager, Game Programming, SCEA

A True Games Development Professional

“ Homoud is a very professional, friendly and great person to deal with. I have enjoyed consulting Homoud on with what roles would suit his skill-set and experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Homoud to any employer looking for a true games development professional. Good luck for the future and keep up the good work. ” June 24, 2009

Eamonn Mgherbi , Head of Games & Media / Talent Search, Games & Films

Motivated, well rounded...easy to work with

“ Homoud is one of most motivated, well rounded people I have worked with. His desire for excellence has taken him along a path from Senior Artist to Technical Artist to Tools Programmer. Homoud understands the software development process and focuses his energy on increasing the number of iterations available to those implementing to produce a superior product. Homoud is easy to work with and listens to his customers. What you ask for is what you get and Homoud is open to extending his tools based on user recommendations. ” December 7, 2008

Raj Altenhoff , Sr. Producer, SCEA

Resourceful and imaginative

“ Houmoud has proven to be very resourceful and imaginative in using existing resources in new manners. He was essential in the implementation of the unique and acclaimed NBA Replay mode of play in NBA 08 and NBA 09. ” December 8, 2008

Steve Bolender , Producer / Designer, SCEA

Smart, dependable and versatile

“ Homoud is a smart, dependable and versatile game developer. As an artist, programmer, and project manager, he demonstrated time and again his value to projects and his teammates. I hope to work with Homoud again in the future. ” December 6, 2008

CJ Connoy , Producer, Treyarch

Bridged the...gap between artists and programmers

“ Homoud effectively and calmly bridged the communications gap between artists and programmers on our basketball game production team at SCEA. Homoud was eager to help artists out by writing us new tools and plugins. Homoud never once failed to solve a problem that we asked him to look into. It was a pleasure to work with and around Homoud for over 7 years at SCEA. I would look forward to working with Homoud again. ” December 7, 2008

Nathan Webb , Senior Animator, SCEA

Reassuring presence...tremendous asset

“ Homoud has a unique combination of artistic and technical skills, enabling him to work effortlessly with both artists and programmers. Working with Homoud has been a pleasurable experience and he was a reassuring presence. I think Homoud would be a tremendous asset on any production team and would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future. ” December 8, 2008

Vincent Ng , Senior Software Engineer, SCEA

A solid manager...good communicator

“ I worked with Homoud while I was with Sony as a Senior Project Manager. Homoud is a solid manager. He understands how to manage an art team and knows how to set up a solid art pipeline. Homoud is also a good communicator and gets along with others. He was a pleasure to work with. ” March 11, 2009

Craig Ostrander , Executive Producer, Disney Interactive Studios

Technically savvy...very approachable

“ Homoud was a professional whom I could go to for answers concerning shared efforts relating to NBA game development. He was a technically-savvy person who could explain to me, a not so technically savvy person, methodological necessities and implications in terms that I could understand. He was also very approachable, and I appreciated his patience. I recommend Homoud without any uncertainty. ” December 13, 2008

Shirley Cotton , Licensing Manager, SCEA

Helped pave the way to more...possibilities

“ Homoud has a wide range of technical art knowledge surrounding the major DCC apps in our industry which has led him to create many very important tools for SCEA's production teams.Some would qualify him as a programmer, but I'd like to think he's more on "our" side, the Technical Artists. I say this because he always had time to tutor us fledgling T.A.s and helped pave the way to the more technical, programming possibilities in our discipline. Any team will benefit greatly by having Homoud looking at their issues and solving their problems. ” December 10, 2008

Jason Parks , Character TD/TA Trainer, SCEA

The best teachers I had

“ Homoud is one of the most responsible, technically savvy and diplomatic individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. In my early years at Sony, He was one of the best teachers I had. I would gladly work with Homoud again on any project. ” December 9, 2008

Paul Forest , Senior Technical Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

A problem solver

“ Homoud is a problem solver. Because he understands the production needs of the art staff, he was able to provide rapid solutions through various scripts, plug-ins, and tools that enabled us to complete our projects on time, even when faced with an abbreviated schedule. ” December 9, 2008

Andrei Booriakin , Senior Manager, Art Development, SCEA

Phenomenal helpfulness accompanied by mastery of many tools

“ If you want your artists busy and productive and in addition you have something complex that you can't quite figure out how to do or just don't think you have the time, it is time to call Homoud. His mild manner and phenomenal helpfulness accompanied by his unfailing desire to help is only transcended by his mastery of many tools. His dedication to his work and to his workmates is a model to all. The fact that he is also a programmer, makes him a one man team, especially in a crisis. ” December 6, 2008

Armen Levonian , Client Programmer, Zenimax Online

Instrumental in getting it done on time

“ My experience with Homoud was primarily in his role as a project manager. He took a critical and complex area of the game that was perceived to be in trouble, and brought a level of professionalism and attention to detail to the task, which was instrumental in getting it done on time. His expectations are realistic, borne of experience, and he understands how to get people to work efficiently to actually achieve what they commit to. ” December 6, 2008

Cyrus Kamada , Senior Programmer, SCEA

A wealth of knowledge...sound advice

“ Homoud and I worked together creating playstation titles at Sony. Homoud has a wealth of knowledge and his advice was always sound. He developed numerous maya plug-ins and mel scripts that were invaluable to my production team. You can count on Homoud to help solve problems and he is always willing to listen to others which makes him very easy to work with. I'd recommend Homoud to any company and would definitely work with him again. ” December 6, 2008

Josh Quillen , Sr Environmental Artist, SCEA

Amazing...smart and efficient

“ Homoud is an amazing person to work with, not only for how smart and efficient he is at his job, but also for how easy he is to get along with. I would recommend Homoud to anyone and they would be lucky to have them on staff. ” December 8, 2008

Dan Rubel , Animator, Certain Affinity

Tremendous support

“ Homoud has helped me in many ways in my career over the past 4 years. Mr. Alkouh gave tremendous support for me and supporting team members on NBA at Sony and support on my personal endeavors in regards to being a more technical artist. ” December 8, 2008

Lamont Gilkey , Environment Artist, SCEA

Cross disciplinarian...my secret weapon

“ As a true cross disciplinarian, Houmoud was my secret weapon for dealing with questions about 3D modeling software. Whenever I dealt with writing a plugin or script, he was always available to guide me examples and insight. I wasn't alone in finding him invaluable; yet somehow he balanced his generous aid to others with the timely completion of his own duties. He's a gifted problem solver, and often coordinated tasks spanning many individuals. With Houmoud on the case, things get done! ” December 8, 2008

John Yuill , Senior Software Engineer, SCEA